We shall prevail in the future and never be outdated.
Ankit Gaikwad - Co-founder & CEO

About Us

Who We Are

Informatrix is a cluster of Multi Business Units with improved technology, where we focus on satisfactory services to our customers by providing quality over quantity. We’re one of the biggest providers of OpenSource technologies. Our focus on the OpenSource movement has enabled us to capture leading market and technology positions worldwide.

Informatrix is a team of experts, driven by the mission of innovation of products and services. Our motive is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and drive growth for them.

  • We offer numerous services in IT consulting outsourcing, including cloud services, Salesforce Consultancy Services, IT infra management services and enterprise IT automation using DevOps.
  • We provide our clients with industry-standard professional Linux, DevOps, and Salesforce training.
  • We mentor organisations in the process of streamlining their operations so that they can keep up with the constantly evolving technology around the world.
We have worked with many globally acclaimed clients from the list of Fortune 500 businesses. Our motto “Cogito, ergo, sum”, which means “I think, therefore, I am”, motivates our clients to transform their dreams into reality. In the last 17 years, we have turned ourselves into a world-class firm by believing in ourselves and working with passion for the procurement of success by our clients.
At the time of its inception in 2004, Informatrix was a small team of professionals who had in them the passion and the experience to ignite something big. Over the years, we have been successful in expanding our customer base, as well as the services we provide to our clients. We have accumulated significant experience in working with Open Source Technology and its products. With the creativity and expertise of our professionals and the use of the latest technology and methodology, we help create solutions for our clients and bolster their endeavours.
The vision of Informatrix is to make the best use of efficient technology, to ameliorate as many businesses as possible by helping them achieve new heights. We aspire to provide our clients with coherent technology so that you can create exceptional products for their market and their customers, which are smart and fresh. We want to help every business find its niche so that it can strive to become different from the rest. Our mission is to help providing solution for every requirement of our clients, to simplify their work.
Working with customers around the world has inculcated us with the value of excellence. Dedication and passion are the key elements, which motivate our team to make us strive for excellence. Technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability, and international focus have been our hallmarks for 8 years, connecting us to our shareholders, employees, and customers as a partner of trust. We have learned a lot over the last 17 years, and we wish to perpetuate our legacy, through our clients, who shall achieve success with a big contribution of Informatrix in that success.