Salesforce Consulting

We also offer you consulting services with a motive of increasing your sales. Whatever may be your industry type, ranging from banking to healthcare, retail, IT, production, etc., we help you adhere to your marketing needs and improve your customer service standards. Our team comes with a great experience in Customer relations management consulting service and thus, are eligible to provide you with salesforce consulting, and accordingly the best market results.

Salesforce is an exceptional CRM used by marketing, sales and support teams to improve performance and efficiency. Our expertise with Salesforce means we can help you seamlessly integrate CRM into your business model.

Our expertise ranges across a range of popular technologies and programming languages. However, what sets us apart from other IT development and consulting services is our expertise in the following:


With our salesforce implementation consulting services, we start by analysing the requirements of your business. With the assistance of our salesforce capabilities, we then create a plan made especially adhering to your needs, so that you can address your needs with great ease.

After defining your business objectives, we offer you the best salesforce edition. We also guide you on how you can make the solution provided by us work hand in hand with your needs. We also offer salesforce training to your employees to increase their productivity.

Lightning Development

We have worked with many globally acclaimed clients from the list of Fortune 500 businesses. Our motto “Cogito, ergo, sum”, which means “I think, therefore, I am”, motivates our clients to transform their dreams into reality. In the last 17 years, we have turned ourselves into a world-class firm by believing in ourselves and working with passion for the procurement of success by our clients.

Community Development

We help you create custom communities, where all the stakeholders of your firm can connect. These apps can be made compatible to work on any device. With the help of salesforce community development, all the employees and the employers of your firm can stay connected to each other in real-time, and thus enhance the process of community development.

Lightning Migration

With the sole purpose of preventing any kind of disruption while migrating salesforce, we assist our clients in smoothly migrating their processes. We provide lightning-fast salesforce migration services to our clients. After creating a list of things to do for data migration, we prepare a plan to facilitate data migration, which is automated and hassle-free. It ensures that your data is safely migrated, and no adverse effect is posed on the live CRM users and processes.

Salesforce Managed Services

We ensure that Salesforce does not remain outdated while your business is evolving. Therefore, we provide salesforce managed services to our clients. With changing times and growing organisation, you would require your salesforce to be more effective. We provide you with a budget-friendly solution in the form of salesforce managed services so that you can maintain the efficiency of your investments. Our services include road mapping, merging new and old functionalities, providing expertise in a technical and industry-related field, enhancing the current processes, etc.